Conditions of Use Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A.

PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. This agreement concerns the provision of transport by Air Mail Costa Rica, SA in favor of the customer, non-negotiable documents and parcels objects or items that allow the laws of the United States of America and of Costa Rica and which are not restricted by the rules or agreements governing international air transport between the physical address and the air section indicated in this Convention, located in the city of Miami, Florida, USA, and address in San Jose, Costa Rica, the CUSTOMER is expressly recorded in this agreement and vice versa.

Air Mail obligations Costa Rica, S.A .:

  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. CLIENT will provide a postal address (P. O. Box) and a physical address in the city of Miami, Florida, USA, where the documents will be received and parcels bound for the CUSTOMER in the city of San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. It is responsible for the transportation of fresh, non-negotiable documents or parcels and postal address received in Miami, and the physical address in Miami, Florida. To the city of San Jose and its distribution to the address registered in this agreement provided that shipments comply with the established requirements is in the direction indicated by the customer, which is presumed authorized to receive.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. is not responsible for shipments not received in the mail or physical address assigned to the client in Miami, Florida.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. guarantees frequent delivery of mail and packages to Costa Rica from the United States, provided that such shipments comply with legal requirements and customs authorities, both in the United States of America, as in Costa Rica.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. shall not be obliged to comply with the terms of paragraphs 2, 4 above and shall be exempt from any liability for breaches resulting from force majeure, fortuitous event and other events such as strikes, temporary airport closures, terrorism, accidents, robbery, riot, civíl commotion, disturbance of public order, expulsions, fire, fire fighting actions and the like. Nor it is obliged to meet the deadline stated above when arrears are due to compliance with customs formalities in Costa Rica and / or the United States.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. will not open envelopes or packets sent through this service unless qualified ports of exit and entry authorities so require. The parties expressly state that the contents of the shipments is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT and must adhere to all regulations and prohibitions established by the competent authorities.
  • THE CLIENT accepts that packages and / or correspondence is subject to review by the customs authorities of Costa Rica and any expenses and / or taxes they generate borne by the customer.
  • In case of loss of parcels that had been successfully received by Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. the liability shall not exceed the amount of twenty US Dollars (US $ 20.00) per kilogram.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. is not responsible for shipments are held by customs authorities in the United States or Costa Rica, in which case the customer must submit documentation that the authorities require. The costs of the procedures that this generates will be paid by the customer.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. give information on pricing customs to customers who require it but at no time be definitive information is merely based on the experience that we calculate but often factors outside our cause increases or go this amount decrease .
  • The information on our site is not definitive, prices can change without notice given the laws of our country regarding taxes and customs.
  • Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. parcel will store in their offices for a client in specific free and for a term equal to 90 working days. After this date Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. You can have these items as their own and / or charge additional fee for their release.

Customer Obligations:

  • THE CLIENT agrees with Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. that all shipments consigned to their name, comply with the provisions established by the customs authorities of Costa Rica and the United States for imports or exports or similar minor. Any violation of customs regulations in either the United States or Costa Rica, make shipments resulting excess or outside legal authorizations, shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the CUSTOMER.
  • CUSTOMER is understood and Mail reported that Air Costa Rica, S.A. and for convenience, the benefit of its users will make customs procedures and documentation associated with having the parcel at our offices in San Antonio de Belen.
  • THE CLIENT accepts that packages and / or correspondence is subject to review by the customs authorities of Costa Rica, and any charges and / or taxes that they generate borne by the customer.
  • THE CUSTOMER agrees to instruct all senders and correspondents that make you fresh on the correct way, and Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. is not responsible for shipments that are properly directed to the address indicated in this agreement.
  • THE CLIENT agrees to refrain from making shipments or allow third parties make shipments that do not comply with the regulations of the authorities of the United States of America and Costa Rica. Specifically no fee money transfers, narcotics, radioactive chemical high risk, and products that endanger the physical integrity of the carrier or its equipment, or whose transport is restricted by Costa Rican laws and / or Americans. Consequently CLIENT exonerates Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. of all legal and contractual responsibility to the authorities, that may arise from the transport of these items and assume the payment of any fine or penalty that this fact imposes on him or Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A.
  • CUSTOMER expressly agrees that the competent authorities in the United States and Costa Rica check by any means the content of the services, you agree to comply with the regulations and disclaims any liability Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. for damage, inconvenience and delays for these reasons can cause.
  • CUSTOMER agrees to comply strictly with the specifications of weight / volume maximum allowed by cargo airlines for this type of load, which form an integral part of this Agreement. If exceed these specifications, CUSTOMER corresponding to additionally pay any excess spending, which will be transported by Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. subject to space availability and on any airline.
  • CUSTOMER agrees to pay to Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. cash, upon delivery of each shipment, invoices generated by the corresponding charges for each shipment and agreed in this Agreement or sign an agreement prior compliance with the requirements for this current account.
  • Air Mail bill in Costa Rica, S.A. will detail the weight and value of the rate agreed in this Agreement, and the costs of customs clearance and / or customs duties, which Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. You have paid customer account.
  • The customers must take the necessary measures to re-direct your correspondence from the moment they terminated the term of this Agreement for any reason. Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. assumes no liability in relation to correspondence received on behalf of the customer once the CONVENTION finished, so that will be authorized for disposal.



The basic rate agreed shall be as indicated in this Agreement. Such rate may be adjusted by Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A., to adapt to increases in costs and other factors affecting the service. Any rate change will not affect the terms of this agreement for the period of its validity.

Term of the agreement

This agreement will be valid for 6 months from the date of subscription, and may be extended indefinitely for equal periods each time. These extensions that are presumed to be operated by the mere fact that the client or Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. not otherwise communicate by written road.

Termination of the agreement

Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. It reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, without liability of any kind,
A) When the customer does not timely pay the invoices submitted under the terms of this Agreement, or when payments are made by check result returned for insufficient funds.
B) When the customer seriously failed to meet any of its obligations, according to Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. Either party may terminate this Agreement and its obligations to notify only the counterpart in writing 10 days in advance.

Prohibition assignment agreement

Air Mail or Costa Rica, S.A., or the customer may negotiate, assign, or transfer by any means, whole or in part this Agreement or the rights conferred on him, unless expressly authorized in writing by the parties.

Arbitration clause

All disputes or differences that may arise from this agreement, its execution, settlement or interpretation and that the parties are unable to settle, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the stipulations of the law on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Promotion Social Peace and Regulation of the Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica, whose rules the parties submit unconditionally. In case of arbitration, the parties canceled the payment of fees equally, adjusting the fee schedule which is provided by the Center for Conciliation mentioned above.

Contractual clause home

Any notice, communication or notice from one party to the other concerning this Agreement shall be in writing and original. For this purpose in accordance with the provisions of Article four of the law, summonses and other court communications, customer addresses and Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. fixing stated in this Agreement.

Product delivery conditions

Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. notify the customer of the product arrival for retirement at the branch office of the company where the purchase was made and established by the client, through the media / notification to be established by the customer. If unable to contact the customer, including but not exclusively from the negligent or malicious actions of client is not notified of this, the deadline for withdrawal of the purchased shall be deemed started from the time when the package arrives at our offices.

Once the package arrives and has made an attempt to notify the client, this will have a non-extendable period of seven calendar days for the removal of the entire merchandise.

Once the period specified in the preceding paragraph has expired, the customer will have fifteen calendar days from the day following the last business for product recall day; for this purpose for each day of delay after the 5 calendar days, you will be charged at the rate of 1.5% daily value of the invoice.

If the client does not remove the package within 30 calendar days after the date of arrival, the good that is imported will become the property of Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. and the customer cannot claim the amount that is delivered as an advance of the procedure, even to be considered as compensation charge for breach of contract for which merchandise is considered as collateral. This applies to both purchases made by customers directly, such as those made through Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A.

It is at the discretion of Air Mail Costa Rica, S.A. assigns a period not exceeding 90 days for mail delivery free of charge, from that date the minimum of $ 1.00 per item will be charged.